2022 Q1 Roadmap

First, the question to ask is all of this possible?


While we have a lot more planned we wanted to make sure to present to you a Roadmap that we can reach 100% completion on.

Anything else is a bonus.

It’s also important that we have specific deadlines so you understand what is coming next.

With that being said we are excited to start the year strong and continue to grow The Boopieverse with you.

Q1 Roadmap

  • December 31st: The RagTag Collection
  • December 31st: $BOOP Token Airdrop
  • January 7th: The Artisans Collection
  • January 15th: NFT University (first course)
  • January 29th: The Historians Collection
  • January 31st: $BOOP Bounty Program
  • Late January: Secret Boop-DAO Formation
  • February 1st: A Mellow Boop $BOOP Integration
  • Early March: The Gen 2 Boopie Collection
  • Late March: Alt Blockchain Boopie Collection
  • Q1: NFT Staking

Q1 Possibilities

Here are some things that we would love to achieve in Q1, but can’t put hard dates on until we’ve knocked out other things on the roadmap:

  • Boopieverse Marketplace
  • Collector DAO (DAO setup to collect other NFTs across the space)
  • Boopie 3D Printed Collectibles
  • 3D/Metaverse Collection

Continued Updates…

As you know, things quickly move in this space so we will be doing monthly updates/recaps to keep the Boopieverse informed.

Join the Boopieverse

Hopefully this roadmap gives you an idea of the vision that we have with Boopie and more importantly how we want to make this a global, community-oriented brand.

If you’re interested in seeing more then feel free to join our Discord, purchase a Boopie on Magic Eden, or mint a RagTag Character today (just 0.1 SOL).