Most DAOs in NFTs are really just private groups that are in the Discord of the NFT project, but have no control of the actual NFT project.

They operate more as a feedback loop of advisors in the hopes that the dev team listens.

There is huge potential for DAOs, but as anyone that has been in one can tell you, they aren’t easy.

With Boopie, we want to continue to give people a sense of ownership within the brand.

For this reason, we are going to hand over full control of an NFT collection to a DAO within the Boopieverse.

What does full control mean?

Full control. They’ll decide on the direction of the collection. The mint price. The supply size. Royalties. Marketing.

All of it.

100% of the mint profits will go to the DAO wallet. 100% of the royalties (if they decide this) will go to the DAO wallet.

More importantly, they won’t be running blind. They’ll understand the direction of the Boopieverse and what it is all about.

They’ll have Boopieverse’s resources at their disposal.

Because of this, they should have more clarity into what to do with the collection which should make it a tiny bit easier to run.

To become a part of this DAO collection you’ll need to collect all 5 RagTag characters or wait until the Secret DAO Collection hits the secondary market (assuming people want to sell).

Release Date: DAO Creation begins late January, early February.

Benefiting the Community

A strong DAO-owned NFT collection empowers everyone involved.

It will also provide an awesome case study into how DAOs can take control of an aspect of a brand and do amazing things with it.

By no means will this be the only DAO-owned collection within the Boopieverse. The more we can put Boopie into the hands of the community, the stronger the overall brand will become.

Speaking of collections, we feel it’s important to not only encourage derivatives but work with them as part of the Boopieverse.

Collaborative Collections go boooooooooop >>>>>>>>>>