A Mellow Boop

When I say “fashion” don’t I just mean “merch”?

No. Merch is a side bonus of a company. Like the gift shop at the end of the museum.

Boopie was made to be put on things that people love. If you read our branding guide then you know Boopie is meant to bring joy.

Clothes bring joy to a lot of people as it represents who they are.

Boopie itself is a lifestyle brand and one aspect of that will be fashion similar to pioneers like A Bathing Ape and Supreme.

Can we start off with awesome fabrics and warehouses full of stuff? No.

But what we can do is use quality on-demand printing mixed with wonderful design to create some amazing pieces of clothing that people love.

But how does this benefit someone in the Boopieverse?

Benefiting the Individual

If you own a Boopie it will probably look good on some pieces of clothing, but in our store we can’t give access to thousands of holders all at once.

Fashion works best in collections.

Plus, I feel this is something that should be earned. Just because you buy a Boopie today doesn’t mean you deserve to earn with our store tomorrow.

So let’s bring up a scenario.

You’re able to acquire 5,000 $BOOP tokens (just making up a number). This could be through holding Boopies or other activities as previously discussed.

We are preparing our Summer Season fashion line and you want in on it so you spend your 5,000 $BOOP to get your spot in the store.

We collaborate on a design (we design it, you give feedback, we iterate) around your Boopie, put it up on the store and it sells.

You get a portion of the profits because it is your Boopie. At the end of the month we convert those profits back to Sol and send them to the wallet that holds the Boopie.

Over time, your Boopieverse NFTs might have their own section on the store that continues to produce value for you.

(You might be wondering what happens when tons of people want their Boopies up on our store and that’s something we’ll address when things are set in place.)

While we already have our store up, allowing people to join the store with their Boopie clothing will happen in late January, early February 2022.

Benefiting the Community

The more people become aware of the Boopieverse and are introduced to it, the greater the value of all things Boopie.

One of the goals for us is to bring people INTO crypto and not just focus on those already here.

When people begin to understand that they can actually be a part of a brand that is growing they’ll want to be invested in it. 

This in turn increases the value of Boopie which benefits the community.

Members Only

While some general purpose clothing should be available to everyone, some pieces of clothing will be exclusively for members of the Boopieverse depending on the NFTs that they hold.


There are a number of digital artists with established audiences that might not feel comfortable creating clothing on their own and marketing it.

Working with these artists to integrate their style into A Mellow Boop not only introduces their audience to Boopie, but also introduces the Boopieverse to them.


This is not without its challenges. Just making cool looking fashion doesn’t mean much if nobody wants it.

It’s imperative that we treat the fashion line as its own business under the same brand umbrella as the NFTs. 

This is why the fashion line will be called A Mellow Boop.

Fashion has an opportunity to bring people into the Boopieverse through something they are familiar with: clothing.

It’s important to remember that Boopie isn’t an NFT.

It’s a brand.

And the best brands establish a relationship by giving back.

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