All the Dark

One day it just happened.

My parents used to tell me stories of how it was before. Everyone laughing and playing together.

People happily finding joy in their day-to-day lives.

It felt like nothing could go wrong and I guess that’s exactly when things always go wrong. At least, that’s what the movies tell me.

I couldn’t tell you much more than that because I haven’t experienced much in my life. My parents aren’t a big fan of me going out there.


I do wonder what is out there. They’re probably tired of me always asking what is out there. They’d probably forget themselves if it wasn’t for the pictures.

I’ve seen everything through them and yet I’ve seen nothing at all because I was born when there was no light.

I’d ask if you remember how it was before the light disappeared but you don’t have any idea either, do you?


Oh look, the stars are starting to shine. Must mean it’s night time. I always lose track of time because I stopped looking at the clock.

What’s the point?

Sometimes I look at the stars and wonder what is out there. Why do they seem to be the only things that shine? Why do they get light when we get none?