Alternative Blockchain Collections

Boopie is a brand. Not an NFT that needs to be locked to a certain blockchain.

For this reason, we will be creating collections for other blockchains.


This will expand the community outside of the SOL ecosystem. More talented people coming together to collaborate together.

This also brings awareness of Boopie to more people along with providing another source of capital to reinvest in the brand.

It’s no secret that a lot of Sol NFTs involve talking to the same people and trying to sell to them.

While we could put our efforts into trying to convince crypto-native people to move over to Sol, we can also go out and meet them where they feel comfortable right now.

We also have the advantage of being an established team with an established community. Something many people will feel comfortable with even if we are a new entrant on that blockchain.

At this time I don’t have answers on how these collections will differ from the SOL-native collections or if we will focus on building tools for other Blockchains as well.

But exploring other blockchains feels like a logical way to expand The Boopieverse and so we are going to pursue it.

Crypto isn’t about tribalism. It’s about opportunity for all.

Release Date: Late March

Phew, lots of stuff so far.

Let’s wrap it all up on one page and see the Q1 Roadmap >>>>>>>