The Story: Artisans

Long before OG Boopie disappeared.

Back when lots of Boopies roamed around there was a group of Boopies that loved to lay around and soak up nature.

They loved being in nature because they felt a little different. Those feelings were neither bad nor good.

Just different. Like they could still discover who they really were.

They couldn’t get over the fact that nature always seemed to create perfection.

The trees. The mountains. The lakes.


The land helped them to appreciate their own appearances and the differences that they shared with each other.

And as was the case with all Boopies something strange began to happen the longer they stayed in nature.

They actually started to become one with it.

What does that mean?

They became one with nature?

It means just that.

When the mountains felt rain, they did too.

When the trees grew, they did too.

But Boopies are also pretty advanced so as they changed with nature, so did many of the unnatural things they brought with them.

Light bulbs. Screws. Widgets.


Sigh, I’m not explaining widgets.

Eventually, the Boopies realized something.

They finally felt whole, like they were who they were meant to be, and this realization brought forth a flood of happiness they didn’t know existed.

They found themselves, and they explored, saw the reaches of space even.

After a bit of time, these Boopies decided to return to the other Boops. But they were scared because they were different.

Like really different.

When they arrived, the other Boopies were extremely surprised to see how these Boopies looked.

The surprise then turned into love.

While they didn’t want to be like those Boopies, they were happy as they were, they also admired those Boopies for their differences.

Boopies were just happy to be around Boopies. It didn’t matter how they looked.

Because these Boopies were still one with all they had found they brought a whole new awareness to Boopie culture.

They felt joy in sharing their newfound knowledge and gifts with the other Boopies and because of this, they came to be known as The Artisans.

Because of them, Boopie culture was able to evolve to new heights never seen before.


The first 5 Artisans will be available for auction on January 7th.