The Historians

Are Sold Out!

5500 Supply / 0.55 SOL Mint Price

The Story

How do the Historians fit within the Boopieverse? What is their lore?

You’ll find it pretty delightful as these are the keepers of Boopie lore.

Why Mint?

It’s simple. The art.

It’s amazing!

Alright, art alone doesn’t cut it with collections of this size so what’s the point?

Every day, more and more NFT collections lose their leadership, and communities are left out to dry.

There is potential in a lot of them and a lot of people that want to see them grow.

But they need resources.

As Historians are the keepers of all Boopieverse lore, they have the knowledge of who and what are within the Booopieverse itself.

That means both old collections and new ones.

Once minting is complete, holders of Historians will form TWO DAOs whose purpose is to acquire NFT collections for the Boopieverse and build out the publication arm of the Boopieverse.

Not a single NFT in a collection.

The whole collection.

One NFT, Two DAOs

Introducing reDAO

reDAO’s purpose is the acquisition of 3rd Party Collections for Boopieverse along with guiding the future direction of the Historians.

Once these collections are under the Boopieverse umbrella they will be provided the resources to grow with an agreed-upon percentage of royalties going back into reDAO community chest.

If further collections are created from these reDAO collections, then reDAO will get a percentage of the mint and royalties to use at their own discretion.

Introducing OpusDAO

OpusDAO’s purpose is to build out the print publication arm of the Boopieverse.

There are many great stories waiting to be told within the Boopieverse.

With tons of characters and storylines, OpusDAO will be the publication division of Boopieverse.

What kind of publications?

  • Children’s Books
  • Comic Books
  • Novels
  • …whatever else the DAO decides

Your Opportunity to Join Two DAOs That Will Help Shape How People View NFTs

Many of us are excited about NFTs because they have the potential to be SOMETHING, but many of us haven’t seen that something yet.

We have the choice to either recycle the same utility which just causes people to jump from one project to another or we can build something amazing that creates a legacy.

Staking? Games? Breeding?

As with any NFT in the Boopieverse you’ll be airdropped $BOOP which will have many real-world uses over time.

We aren’t game developers so we aren’t going to promise you a game.

Breeding Historians just sounds weird and if another collection is to come from Historians it should be decided by the DAOs and actually have a purpose.

The goal is to provide value OUTSIDE of the collection so you aren’t stuck between a tough choice of selling your NFT or keeping it and missing out on things.

If that sounds like something you’ve been waiting for then The Historians are waiting.