Boopieverse: The 5th Dimension Collection

With the first round of The Secret Event done, we can say that there are now 100+ West Boopies.

Why is this significant?

Because it means that the 5th appears.

The first part of the lore has been published and introduces you to a new character in the Boopieverse: Aenar.

Along the way, you’ll be introduced to four more characters that will make up the 5th Dimension Collection.

This post is meant to explain the new collection for NFT collectors.

Each of the five characters in the 5th Dimension collection will come in as their own 2,200 supply sub-collection.

So for example, there will be 2,200 unique Aenars making the total size of the 5th Dimension collection 11,000.

Gen 1N(ESW) Holders

This month we will be taking a snapshot of all holders. We will not announce when this snapshot is taking place, but it will be within the next week.

Your Boopie must be in your wallet and not listed on a marketplace to qualify for the snapshot.

Why do you want to be in the snapshot?

For EACH Gen 1N(ESW) Boopie that you hold you will receive both one Aenar and one Bandi (the 2nd character of the 5th Dimension).

So if you hold 4 Boopies, you will get 4 Aenars and 4 Bandis (in the form of tokens that you’ll use to mint for free + gas).

Why is this significant?

The other 3 characters will be minted at a low cost on December 17th.

Of course, Gen 1 holders will get first access to these mints if they want to get the other characters.

If you hold one of each of the five 5th Dimension characters, you’ll be able to turn in your set for ONE new character that has yet to be introduced.

This new character will be part of a separate 1,100 collection.

Because there are only 1,100 NFTs in this future collection that means only 5,500 5th Dimension NFTs can be turned in leaving the 5th Dimension set with a total future supply of 5,500.

Anyone can get characters 3, 4, and 5 of the 5th Dimension but the only way to first get Aenar and Bandi is by having a Gen 1N Boopie or buying it off of the secondary market.


A snapshot of Gen 1N(ESW) Boopie holders will be taken between December 9th – 15th. The holders in this snapshot will then receive an Aenar and Bandi token for EACH Boopie they hold in their wallet.

This will allow them to mint Aenar and Bandi.

The 3rd, 4th, and 5th Characters can be collected through a public mint starting on December 17th.

Collect all 5 characters and you have the option to turn them in for the yet unnamed top-secret collection or you can keep them.

Both the 5th Dimension and secret collection will have value.

We’re excited to continue to evolve the Boopieverse and look forward to all of the new people these collections will bring.

If you need to start collecting Boopies then you can find them on Magic Eden.