The Story: The 5th Dimension

Well, it’s hard to accurately describe the mess that we have gotten ourselves into. The Boopies have gone into their own directions and instead of keeping an eye on one group, we now have FOUR groups of Boopies. North, South, East, and West. And remember how I told you the Boopies were scared of the … Read more

The Story: Historians

The year is 2035. We’ve been living in the Boopieverse for a good while now right with the Boopies. Over time the Boopie story has continued to evolve and so many different things happen with Boopies that, to be honest, it’s hard to keep track of. Thankfully, it’s no longer all up to me to … Read more

The Story: W

It’s been a couple of days since the East and South Boopies revealed themselves. Blah. Why blah? Because I felt like I was living in a TV Series where each day was a new episode and something exciting happened. But nothing was happening. I mean, there HAD to be a West, right? These Boopies didn’t … Read more

The Story: N + 2

Every day more and more watchers came to tell me that they lost their Boopies, but the number of Boopies was always the same. I was seriously losing my mind. I was going to just call it quits and assume that Boopies had brainwashed me to the point where they controlled what I saw. But … Read more

The Story: N

We did it! We found watchers for every single Boopie Alt. I felt like I could finally rest easy. I should’ve known better. The night we found the final watcher for a Boopie something strange began to happen. You see, up until that night all of the Boopies gathered in the same spot. It was … Read more

The Council Appears

After a long trip, we finally made it back happy to say that all 2,220 Boopies did not fade. We will look over them for a bit, but we will need help and hopefully, some kind souls decide to step up to the challenge. With that, it was time for me to go to bed. … Read more

The Story Begins

This is a Boopie. Or this was a Boopie. This was The Last Boopie left. What happened? Nobody knows exactly but let’s go back in time just a little bit to when Boopie was still around. What we do know is that the last one was special. Kind. Supporting. Understanding. Fun. Even a tiny bit … Read more

The Story: Day 5

Sadness. That’s what we all felt at the moment. Every single time we came across a new group of Boopies there was nothing we could do for them beyond watch them fade into nothing. Was our chances of finding OG Boopie fading (no pun intended)? How was this possible? Why was this happening? Was it … Read more

The Story: Day 1

We were off to go find the Boopie Alts. We figured it would take us a while, but surprisingly, it didn’t take long to come across our first Boopie. It was definitely different! We’ll have to share the story of this one another time. We still had so much more to do. We found a … Read more

The Story: Day 9

The joy of all joys! We had found a cluster of Boopies, but these weren’t just any Boopie Alts. They were different. They seemed evolved. We could tell they were stronger. They had also seemed to adapt to their environment better. Some could even camouflage! We began to capture (errr, pick them up in our … Read more