Collaborative Collections

We have the fortune of working with a couple of talented artists on some Boopie derivatives that will integrate into the Boopieverse.

The Artisans

The first is an ongoing collection with @TheCaladium called The Artisans. This collection will be released in sets of 5 and can be bought via auction.

The first series of Artisans go up for auction on January 7th.

The Historians

The second collaborative collection is with @sclizot and it’s called The Historians. It will mint on January 29th.

Boopie holders will have first access to this collection.

It’s our goal to continue to work with amazing artists to bring their visions of Boopie into the Boopieverse and to ensure the collections have utility.

But what about Boopieverse internal collections? Are those done?

Not even close.

Gen 2 Boopies and beyond >>>>>>>>>>