Collection Acquisitions

The Boopieverse isn’t a specific design or style.

It’s a vibe.

It’s a feeling.

Unfortunately there are a ton of collections that just don’t make it for varying reasons. This can leave good people hanging out to dry.

We intend to try and acquire a couple of collections that have potential, but don’t seem to be moving anywhere.

Each collection will be integrated into the Boopieverse Lore along with adding a space within our own community.

Benefiting the Community

The power of a network/community is only as strong as the connections within it. People only have so much time and energy to give to a community so splitting it amongst dozens of projects isn’t feasible.

By integrating these collections we are not only growing our community, but also making sure that the investments made by the buyers of these collections doesn’t go to waste.

The more talented people you bring together under roof, the more amazing things can happen.

Want to Move Your Collection to the Boopieverse?

If you’re interested in moving your collection over to the Boopieverse OR you’re part of a collection that feels lost and you think it would be beneficial to integrate it with Boopie then please don’t hesitate to reach out.

You can contact me on Twitter, Discord (@alphaboopie), or email (

We aren’t done with the collections yet.

It’s time for Boopie to explore other blockchains >>>>>>>