Community Marketing

A project is only as strong as its community and it’s important for us to provide you with the tools to allow you to effectively let the world know about Boopieverse.

It’s hard to put into words sometimes what you love about the Boopieverse community and why you think someone else should join.

So, we want to give you some materials and prompts that might help make it a little easier.

What to Talk About

Here are some of the great things about being in the Boopieverse that you can talk about in Tweets or other conversations:

  • Engaged community with devs that participate in the conversations.
  • A story based roadmap that is actually fun to follow along with.
  • Unique art that is perfect as a pfp or a poster (or sticker, or hoodie, or keychain…)
  • Whitelist access to future collaboration projects with other NFT artists.
  • Future DAOs.

What Not to Talk About

Think about the things that make you want to join a community (beyond rising prices). That’s how you need to handle discussions with others with Boopie.

You can’t tell them that they’ll regret not getting one or they’re ngmi.

Make them feel a part of something special because that is what we are building.

If we are going to jump in the comments of an influencer’s post then let’s give them a reason to WANT to check out the Boopieverse and not be annoyed with it.


Ok, but how do you make those features and benefits not sound like a commercial for Boopie?


We come from a digital marketing background and the best way to market anything is to tell a story. It makes it so much easier for people to make a connection when they are experiencing it through a story.

Here are some prompts for telling short, Tweet sized (or Twitter thread sized) Boopie stories:

  • Tell the story of your Boopieverse character. Challenge yourself to tell the story in one tweet, but have a longer story in mind, too.
  • Share an example of something positive that has happened in the community (like those of you who donated an airdrop to people that missed out!).
  • Talk about something interesting you learned in the community.
  • ā€œI came to the Boopieverse to _______________, but Iā€™m staying because of _____________.
  • Share a gif or a meme (good memes are basically super short visual stories).
  • Relay an interesting conversation you’ve had NOT related to floor price.

Images Gifs & Memes

If we’re being honest, Boopieverse characters do most of the work in catching people’s attention. I mean, just look at one. They are captivating to look at!

So whenever it’s possible, include an image, a gif or a meme of Boopie.

Here are some examples you can use:

Gen 1 Boopie Images: