Elemental Games 2022

The Elemental Games are a series of games for Boopie Gen 1 holders to have fun, learn, and grow the community.

The games last for 7 days and run from Feb 14th – 21st.

Will you be crowned this year’s champion?

The leaderboard will be shown the final 3 days of the games. Until then it will be kept secret.

The Events

Ongoing Events

These are events that last the whole week of the games meaning you can earn points at any time. Each of your submitted Boopies can only participate once per event.

Meaning if you submitted 4 Boopies (4 different directions) you can do each event 1 time (4 times total) for each Boopie.

Art Events

Art events are posted on Twitter and tag @boopieverse with your Boops #.

  • Draw (digital or analog) Boopie/RagTag/Ghoulie Gang with one of your other favorite NFTs (3 pts)
  • Create a Boopie using household items (5 pts)
  • Draw (digital or analog) a brand new character in the Boopieverse (4 pts)


Clout events are posted on twitter and tag @boopieverse with your Boops #.

  • Get an account with 10k+ followers to comment on a @boopieverse tagged tweet (7 pts)
  • Get an account with 20k+ followers to use “boop” in a tweet/reply (15 pts)
  • Get @SolBigBrain to like a Boopie-related Tweet (20 pts)


Community events happen within the Boopieverse Discord.

  • Write a #booptales about your Boopie that involves its favorite movie (10 pts)
  • Create a #boopie-memes (bonus if published on Twitter) (5 pts)
  • Get @AlphaBoopie to offer you a genuine compliment.
  • Answer a question that a newcomer has about the Boopieverse (23 pts)

Daily Events

Day 1: Match-Making (February 14th)

Today is about love. It’s about finding that one soul that matches up perfectly with you.

Except in this case we are talking Boopies.

Your first event is a match-making competition.

Check the Game Tweet here.

Day 2: Storytelling Telephone (February 15th)

Today is all about the story. Your team has to put together a cohesive story where each person writes one page in the “book”.


Can’t have games without prizes.

Here are just SOME of the prizes heading your way:

  • Listed as a Creator in the Gen 2 collection earning you lifetime royalties.
  • SOL
  • Gen 0s
  • Gen 1s
  • Historians
  • Hoodies/Shirts/Hats
  • …and a lot more.

Most importantly: Earn 10 points for yourself and you’ll be automatically white-listed for an underground collection coming in March.