Boopie FAQs

#1 Wen Mint??

If you have the “OG Boopie” role in Discord, you are welcome to the pre-sale 10/14 at 11am PST / 2pm EST / 6pm UTC. We will post the link a couple hours ahead of time so you won’t have to sit in discord looking for it.

There is no limit to how many Boopies you can buy, but it is 1 per transaction. If this is your first time minting then please check out this page with some instructions: How to Mint Boopies

If you DO NOT have the “OG Boopie” role in Discord, then you are welcome to the public mint on Friday 10/15 at 11am PST / 2pm EST / 6pm UTC.

There are 2,200 Gen 1 Boopies available in this mint at .5 SOL.

#2 Where did the idea of “Boopie” come from?

Good question. My younger brother @GenesisBoopie was called Boopie when he was little. The name reminds me of purity and innocence. 

I think about how I can have a little impact in making the world a better place so I wanted a character that embodies that feeling.

Hence the design is light-hearted, well at least the OG Boopie. Plus the name should make you smile. 

I started to add the crazy traits to Boopie to showcase how we are all different on the outside, with our weird quirks, but the same on the inside (the same Boopie).

#3 Is there any marketing happening?

At the moment it’s just us engaging meaningfully in different Twitter convos and not spamming random shit. We’ve been keeping things quiet since we wanted people who caught on to us to have a shot at getting a Boopie. 

2200 isn’t a large supply and as cocky as this sounds we know our art stands out from the field. But after the whitelist gets their shot we have honoraries lined up for the influencers in the space (not part of the collection of course).

Also, the Pre-Splice event will get all of you to do some marketing.

#4 What about Rarity?

The goal of making every single one look good was so no matter what Boopie you pulled you could love it and not have you be down that you didn’t pull the 1/2200 or something.

Every single trait is equally weighted so rarity will be based more on the combo of traits together.

We want people looking at the marketplaces choosing on aesthetics and not if this Boopie has gold fur or not.

But I promise you there is no secret code and I won’t know the rare combos until tomorrow. But here’s the thing, there are over 300 traits for just 2200 Boopies.

That’s over 30 Billion possibilities for Boopies.

That means the 2200 are already the rarest.

#5 Do you plan to have royalty sharing?

We don’t simply because at the moment that’s a securities nightmare for us in the US. 

Plus with just 2200 the volume will slow quickly if we do our job so the rewards are minimal. 

We see it better to continue to increase the value of your current Boopies and give you airdrops that actually have value on the market to make the money you might want.

#6. What else do you have planned for Boopie?

Shortly after mint, monthly (or closer to bi-monthly) Airdrops will begin.

Boopie was designed in a specific way to allow other artists to run completely wild with things.

We want to work with artists of different styles to create Boopie derivatives.

Over the next six months we’re working on a Boopie Marketplace, a Boopie Custom Generator, a Boopie DAO and Boopie Merchandise.