Gen 1M: The Failed Merge

1 of 2,220 Gen 1M Boopie Alts.

The Boopie Alts were dispersed all throughout the Boopieverse.

Most were okay with being alone.

But 100 of them were losing their mind.

They thought life would be better alone. They figured they’d be completely free separated from OG Boopie.

But they were wrong.

They were miserable.

So just by chance, they went out on their own journeys to find other Boopies.

A group of 100 were able to find each other and they decided that life was better together than alone.

They decided it was time to merge back. Maybe if they did OG Boopie would return!

But they were just 100 of 35 billion Boopie Alts.

Would this work?

It didn’t.

Without the wisdom and guidance of the Gen 0s they were now stuck. Mixed together in forms that almost made them unrecognizable.

But at least they were together.

The question is can we fix this? Do they want to be fixed?

We will have to figure out a way if these are going to play even a minor role in getting OG Boopie back.