How to Buy Your Own Boopie

If you didn’t get to mint a Boopie, no worries!

Or, even if you DID mint a Boopie or two, you might still be looking for one with a particular trait to add to your collection.

That’s what marketplaces are made for! You can drool over the Boopies that have been listed on Magic Eden and pick just the right one for yourself.

It’s very easy to do.

Let’s go through it step by step.

How to Purchase a Boopie from Magic Eden

To purchase your Boopie from Magic Eden, you will need a wallet (like Phantom) to connect to the marketplace and you’ll need as much SOL in that wallet as you are hoping to spend on your Boopie.

Step 1: Head to

On the home page at Magic Eden you’ll see a search bar or button to “Explore Collections”.

Type in “Boopie” and a drop down menu will give you the selection “Boopie Gen 1N”. Click that to head to the listings of all of the Boopies.

Step #2: Check Some Boopie Data

In this section on Magic Eden, you have a little bit of background information on Boopie and also some statistics like Floor Price (the lowest price currently that a Boopie is listed for), the total volume, average sale price and the total number of Boopies listed.

Now to the fun part!

Step #3: Search for Your Boopie

Before you get completely mesmerized by those beautiful Boopie faces, let’s look at some of the search options.

  • The search box will let you look for a particular Boopie by number if you happen to know it, but most likely you’re here to browse.
  • You can choose to sort the Boopie listings by either “Recently listed”, “Price: Low to high” or “Price: High to low”.
  • Use the “Price” drop down to set a minimum or maximum price to search for.
  • The last option in that row will allow you to add other NFT projects to your search, but we know you’re just here for Boopies!
  • Attributes filter allows you to search based on different Boopie attributes. (Some people love to use the “Sign” attribute to track down a Boopie that shares their astrological sign).
  • And finally, “Recent transactions for this collection” will show you recent sales.

Now it’s time to browse til you find the perfect Boopie!

Step #4 Get a Closer Look

Alright you found the Boopie that lights up your world.

Let’s take a closer look. On the right, you can see the name of the Boopie (Boopie Gen 1N #1254) and that little purple checkmark means that it has been verified. That’s a good thing.

You can also see the current price and that “Connect Wallet” button is reminding you to connect your wallet by selecting “Select Wallet” in the upper right corner when you are ready to purchase.

You can learn a little more about Boopie by clicking the “About boopie_gen_1” drop down and you can also take a peek at all of the attributes of this particular Boopie in the “Attributes” section.

Further down in this section you can also find a price history for this Boopie, some additional details, any offers that have been made, and other activity.

Step #5 Buy Your Boopie

You know this is the one for you. You’re buying it.

If you see “Connect Wallet” under the price of the Boopie, then click “Select Wallet” in the upper right and choose your wallet and then click Connect.

You should now see a “Buy now” button.

Click it and you’ll see this pop up and your wallet should open as well so that you can approve the transaction.

You’ll see your Boopie in your wallet shortly!

Congratulations! You’re the proud recipient of a beautiful Boopie!