Marketing Plan

Heyo! If you’re here then you’re curious about how we are going to grow Boopie.

I think it’s important to understand how we approach growing a brand so that you can follow along if you wish to help make Boopie everything that it can be.

What We Won’t Do

Here’s what we won’t do and what we don’t expect any of the Boopies to do:

  • Harass everyone on Twitter about Boopie. It’s great to talk about the joys of Boopie on Twitter on your feed or if someone is looking for a new NFT to get into then by all means, let them know how awesome Boopie is. But if someone is asking where they should get a decent chocolate chip cookie, don’t try to make it all about Boopie.
  • Paid promotion. We will grow Boopie just fine. We will create honorary Boopies for some individuals but at the moment there is no point in doing paid promotion that will send the wrong people to the Boopieverse.
  • Discord invite contests and spam. The world doesn’t need more of that shit.
  • Sweep the floor. It’s an artificial tactic that doesn’t fix the underlying problems. However, if the Team sees a Boopie they like that’s on the market they’ll have no problem scooping it up for their own collection. We love these damn things.

What We Will Do

Here’s what we will 100% do:

  • Be extremely proactive on Crypto Twitter and engage in insightful discussions. We will praise other projects that deserve it and make sure to show the world that Boopie is here to help.
  • Continue to help onboard new people into crypto and NFTs. If we are going to grow the Boopie brand it’s important that we bring people outside of crypto into this space. We will provide resources to help them do that and show them that Boopie will be a great first NFT for them.
  • Be active on other social media platforms with Boopie. There will be Boopie YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram accounts showing the good that Boopie and the Boopieverse is doing for the world. We don’t expect any of you to be on those platforms, but just want you to know that we want to take every opportunity to spread the Boopie message to the world.