Minting is open! The price will be 0.5 Sol.

Minting will start with Gen 1 Boopie Personalities.

Here is an example of a Gen 1 Personality.

Gen 1 Boopie

Looks wild, right? That’s what happens when Boopie goes through some things.

To say that Boopie is about to go through some shit would be an understatement.

There will be 2,200 Gen 1 Personalities available to Mint.

Why 2,200? Well, you’ll have to read the story for that answer.

Each one will have the same 6 traits:

  • Background
  • Skin
  • Hat
  • Mask Eyes
  • Nose Eyes
  • Mouth

There are 300+ unique attributes across these traits which means there are a possible 34,889,540,040 BILLION Boopie Personality Possibilities.

Each person on Earth could have multiple unique Boopies.

But only 2,200 will be minted.