The Historians

Sold Out!!!

Enter the Boopieverse


The things that started it all. Boopies are playful, fun, charming, boisterous, and a little bit wild.

Just like you.


From the 5th Dimension, RagTags are just different.

And they love every single aspect of being different.

Ghoulie Gang

The newest species found in the Boopieverse, the Ghoulie Gang are a gang of…well…Ghoulies.

They’re searching for their true place in the Boopieverse.

Boopieverse News

The Story: Ghoulie Gang

The search party were still out searching (I mean did you expect them to be doing other things) for Boopies. There had to be more than the 2,200 that we had found. Well guess what? I’m going to switch voices and now I’m someone on the search party! Okay? Here I go in my new

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How to Mint RagTags

So you’re ready to mint some RagTags? Awesome! If you’re new to this whole thing let’s walk through all of the necessary steps. First, it’s important to understand that with crypto there are a number of different blockchains. Each blockchain is represented by a token (coin). Think of it like different currencies, but in this

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The Story: Artisans

Long before OG Boopie disappeared. Back when lots of Boopies roamed around there was a group of Boopies that loved to lay around and soak up nature. They loved being in nature because they felt a little different. Those feelings were neither bad nor good. Just different. Like they could still discover who they really

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Boopieverse: The 5th Dimension Collection

With the first round of The Secret Event done, we can say that there are now 100+ West Boopies. Why is this significant? Because it means that the 5th appears. The first part of the lore has been published and introduces you to a new character in the Boopieverse: Aenar. Along the way, you’ll be

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The Story: The 5th Dimension

Well, it’s hard to accurately describe the mess that we have gotten ourselves into. The Boopies have gone into their own directions and instead of keeping an eye on one group, we now have FOUR groups of Boopies. North, South, East, and West. And remember how I told you the Boopies were scared of the

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The Story: Historians

The year is 2035. We’ve been living in the Boopieverse for a good while now right with the Boopies. Over time the Boopie story has continued to evolve and so many different things happen with Boopies that, to be honest, it’s hard to keep track of. Thankfully, it’s no longer all up to me to

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