NFT University

A brand grows by creating some type of value with the people it interacts with. The simplest value is to help people make more money.

This doesn’t always have to be direct. There can be an indirect path to this.

Every day more and more people are exploring the possibilities of creating their own NFT collections.



I’m sure there are other reasons, but there is potential to make money with an NFT collection and the problem is that there aren’t that many great educational resources around the whole topic.

I don’t mean one-off topics like how to set up a Candy Machine or generate 10,000 NFTs.

I’m talking about everything involved with not only starting but running a successful NFT project:

  • Development
  • Design
  • Community Management
  • Marketing
  • Airdrops
  • Tokens

And since this space is so new there are always going to be new things that people need to learn, but it can be hard keeping up AND trying to build something.

Our background is in creating educational resources to help people grow and we plan on bringing this expertise to NFTs and crypto overall.

As we continue to grow Boopieverse it’s important for us to share these insights with you and everyone else so that we can help to build the type of ecosystem we want to live in.

Release Date: January 15, 2022.

Benefiting the Community

By giving back to the ecosystem and helping others, it brings more awareness to Boopie and the people behind it.

Some resources will be available to all while some will be only available to Boopie Holders. Down the road, it will also be possible to buy some of the resources (courses, books, workshops, etc) with $BOOP and therefore increase the real-world use case of the token.

Also, helping people understand the ins and outs of NFT projects gives them a stronger ability to manage their own which in turn helps with our DAO-owned NFT collection.

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