The Rag Tag Collection

There are a lot of people bouncing from project to project hoping to find the next big thing.

Unfortunately, there is a decent chance that they’re going to get rugged.

Some people suggest buying the big dogs but they cost a decent amount. So what to do?

Mint Something You Already Trust

I understand you like the rush of minting. The chance of getting something awesome.

I love that feeling as well.

But you’d also like to know that the project is going to stick around and has a solid team. Well, guess what? @Boopieverse is minting a new collection this Friday!

Wait what? Minting?

Yeah. Minting.

This Friday we are releasing our RagTags Collection that introduces 5 new characters to the Boopieverse. Aenar and Bandi (characters 1 & 2) are airdropped to current Boopie holders (snapshot not taken yet if you want to get one).

The 3 other characters are open for Public Mint on Friday.

How much? Just 0.33 sol.

Each character set has 2,200 NFTs making the total RagTags collection 11,000.

Whoa whoa whoa that’s too many! Right?

Well here is where NFTs become collectibles again…

Collectible Characters

If you happen to get all 5 characters then you can turn them in (in the very near future) for another character that’s part of a separate unique collection.

This secret collection will only have 1,100 NFTs in it.

That means the RagTag collection, once all eligible sets have been turned in, will be reduced to just 5,500. 1,100 of each character.

And the Secret Collection will be just 1,100. But we aren’t done yet…

We’ve currently opened our Secret Event back up where if you’re holding a Gen 1N Boopie, you can choose 1 of 3 modes to transform it.

This opens up the Gen 1N Collection to 4 factions in total. You can read about that here.

We don’t have a crazy community.

We have a solid community of people that are having fun and serious discussions.

It’s your favorite bar where people chill, get to know each other and engage in conversations that leave you feeling good.

But this is a lot to process so what’s the deal?

Let me run through a scenario if you’re a brand new person that doesn’t own ANY Boopies at all.

Step By Step If You’re New to the Boopieverse

Step 0: Join the Boopieverse Discord and chat with us. We love talking Boopie and whatever else.

Step 1: Head on over to Magic Eden and purchase one or many Boopies. You’ll find the floor is around mint price (0.5) and we minted October 18th so we’ve been holding steady due to our wonderful community.

You want to hold the Boopie before the snapshot happens.

Step 2: Decide if you want to feed your Boopie some popcorn. If you got a North Boopie (red/blue palette) then you can change its direction.

If you got one of the other directions off of the market then it can’t be changed.

Step 3: Wait for your TWO RagTag characters to arrive.

That’s right, for each Boopie that you hold, you’ll get TWO RagTag characters sent to you.

That means you’ll have 2 out of the 5 for a set right at the beginning.

Step 4: Decide if you’re going to mint the other 3 RagTag characters or not.

Remember, if you collect all 5 characters then you can turn in a set to get an NFT for the yet unnamed Secret Collection.

Step 5: Once MoonRank has the rankings for the entire collection, see if you have a bottom 20 ranking RagTag.

Why? Because then we’ll send you this amazing hoodie.

Yes, you get rewarded for minting the lowest ranking NFTs.