RagTags Have Arrived!

Mint Now and Start Your Collection Today!

Each Character has its own mint, but they will all fall under the same collection when listed on secondary markets.

Live Now!


Public mint for everyone. 2150 to be minted at 0.1 Sol.

Live Now!


Public mint for everyone. 2150 to be minted at 0.1 Sol.

Live Now!


Public mint for everyone. 2150 to be minted at 0.1 Sol.

Sold Out!!!


Mint for holders of $BOOP. Just 1 $BOOP to mint.

Sold Out!!!


Mint for holders of $BOOP. Just 1 $BOOP to mint.


Degens I

A special mint for the true Degens out there.

Only 250 to be minted at 0.4 Sol. 

You have a chance of getting ANY of the 5 characters but that’s not really Degen enough.

Read below for what you have a chance to get.

If you’re not sure where to start or don’t have any Solana in your wallet. 

Hell, if you don’t know what a wallet is then please check out our “How to Mint” guide first.

Five Characters? Different Collection?

The 5 characters above are all part of the same collection.

So why have them separated?

Because if you’re able to collect all 5 then in the near future you can redeem your set for another character coming in a secret collection.

Only 1,100 sets can be redeemed though as the secret collection will only have a supply of 1,100.


Is it worth to degen? Well let’s find out.

We’ve pre-selected certain RagTags in this Candy Machine to win certain prizes.

In case of botters/hackers we won’t reveal these until after mint but they are already selected and numbers stored away with a trusted member of the community so we can’t alter them. 

Nobody on the team will be minting Degen.

The Historians

In late January we are releasing another Boopieverse Collection called the Historians.

Instead of hoping for a chance to mint, 10 people will win tokens to ensure they get a historian for free!

Rock the Hoodie

We all like looking fresh, right?

10 people will win this amazing limited edition hoodie.

If your RagTag also happens to be ranked in the bottom 20 then you get TWO hoodies!

Collection Filler

20 people will win a Gen 1 Boopie.

11 people will win a Gen 1M Boopie.

Let's Reward Those Terrible Mints!

Okay, with Boopieverse there is no such thing as a bad mint, but it seems silly that people that mint the bottom ranking NFTs aren’t rewarded.

Once the full collection is up on Moonrank, if you have one of the 20 lowest ranked RagTags you can redeem it for the hoodie above.

Wen Listing?

After the Degen Mint occurs we will have listings up on Magic Eden.

New to Boopieverse?

The best place to start is by reading The Story of Boopie.

Then jump into Discord and let’s chat!