Secret Event

What Is This?

The Boopies are starting to go back to their original directions.

You get to decide what that is.

North? South? East? West?

The choice is yours and just know it’s an important one.

Once you make the change it cannot be reversed.

The Event ends on December 21st.

What to Do?

The Popcorn...

Degen Mode

Are you a Degen? Then this mode is for you!

In this mode, you pick a Boopie to change and then let fate decide the rest.

You won’t know which direction you’ll get back.


By choosing degen mode you have a shot of winning a Gen 0 or another Gen 1.

Snob Mode

This mode is great for those people who know what direction they want to go in but also want a new-looking Boopie.

Color guide below.

Clingy Mode

Love your Boopie and just want it in a different color? 

Then this mode is for you.

Color guide below.

Directions Color Guide

These are the colors that will transform when changing directions.

If a Boopie has white (#FFFFFF) then white will always be white.

Same with the two static (skins and backgrounds).


What About Gen 1M Boopies?

The Secret Event is for Gen 1N Boopies only.

Gen 1M Boopies will have their time in the spotlight shortly.

Just be patient.