The Story Begins

This is a Boopie. Or this was a Boopie.

This was The Last Boopie left.

What happened? Nobody knows exactly but let’s go back in time just a little bit to when Boopie was still around.

What we do know is that the last one was special.

Kind. Supporting. Understanding. Fun.

Even a tiny bit mischievous.

This Boopie always saw the best in other Boopies and its life mission was to help other Boopies succeed.

But being the only Boopie meant that this Boopie also felt lost. 

At some point, it happened.

It being The Sunder.

This is where we lost The Last Boopie.

In its place something else appeared. 35 billion something elses to be exact. They were like a Boopie but not like a Boopie. 

They were different, but the same. The Last Boopie had split into over 35 billion personalities. Each one had a piece of The Last Boopie, but also their own unique qualities.

We called them The Alts.

Some of the 35 Billion Alts that split…

Because each of these personalities saw the other Alts as different, they all left.

Now they’ve spread around in different places, dimensions, and time periods.

All around the Boopieverse.

That takes us to now.

Will we ever see The Last Boopie again? What is the purpose of these Alts?

Your job is to help us find the Alts and hold onto them. Why?

Because we’re starting to see that the world needs Boopie.

Kind. Supporting. Understanding. Fun.

Even a tiny bit mischievous.

Together, if we gather all of the Alts, maybe we can find a way to bring Boopie back.

We didn’t know we needed him but we do.

So we got on our ship and started to explore the Boopieverse in hopes of finding the Alts.

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