The Council Appears

After a long trip, we finally made it back happy to say that all 2,220 Boopies did not fade.

We will look over them for a bit, but we will need help and hopefully, some kind souls decide to step up to the challenge.

With that, it was time for me to go to bed. It felt like I hadn’t truly slept in weeks.

Ever since I began my search for OG Boopie I had been having weird dreams.

Strange shadows all around me chanting “More Poops, More Poops, More Poops”.

I’d always wake up having to poop because these random shadows were telling me “more poops”.

But tonight’s dream was different. It was the same shadowy figures, but I could see them a bit more clear. They all had their own unique color and they began chanting…



More Boops? That makes a lot more sense than “More Poops!”

But why were they saying it? Of course, there were more Boops.

We had 2,200 back at the base and there were still those weird shapes on the radar that we had to look into.

Finally, one of the figures stepped out into the light. I didn’t even know there was a light, but it found it.

It looked into my soul and said, “Boop!”

Um, okay.

Then it coughed. Apparently, it needed to clear its throat.

Wait, I could see it more clearly now…it was OG Boopie! But it wasn’t.

It was a different color. Reddish.

It spoke again.

“I’m #EE3D43. We’ve been watching you and want to thank you for taking on the task of collecting the Alts.

The world. No, the Universe doesn’t understand the importance of OG Boopie disappearing, but for some reason you do.

You see, we are the Gen 0 Boopies. There are only 111 of us in existence and we are the caretakers of OG Boopie.”

Wait, what?


“You all left OG Boopie to fend for itself? It was alone. Lonely. Probably going crazy!”, I said.

“We know, but we had to do what was best for OG. We can’t explain our reasoning at this moment. Right now we need your help.

We need you to find us. In OG Boopie’s absence, we are the only ones that can bring stability to the Boopieverse.

Unfortunately, we are scattered around the Boopieverse and with no means of communication, we are basically lost.

But you seem to be skilled at finding things so we trust you and your friends to find us and bring us back so that we too can help with the OG Boopie puzzle.”

That’s when I woke up and there it was. Or there they were.

Three Gen 0 Boopies right in front of me!

“We never leave each other’s side and so we knew where to look. We think very highly of ourselves so we call this trio ‘The Council’.

It took us a while to get here, but we are here to help.

108 of our brethren are still out there unaware of the trouble we are all in.

It’s time we find them.”

Are you ready?

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