The Heralds

It had been months since we’ve heard from the search parties.

I had already feared the worst.

On top of that, we made no progress here with the search for OG Boopie.

What if this was it?

Almost every single night I’d go to bed and wake up in a cold sweat. I was having the same nightmare over and over again.

In this nightmare, I would see OG Boopie out in the distance and I would run to get to it. But as I got closer, OG seemed to have moved further away until suddenly it disappeared into what looked like a hole.

Or more likely a portal. Similar to the ones that the RagTags came through, but this one was scarier.

It’s not that it looked scarier. It just felt that way.

For the longest time, I avoided that portal in my nightmares.

But one night something changed. I heard something coming from the portal.

A voice.

You know how curious I am so I had to get closer because I couldn’t quite catch what the voice was saying.

So I ran towards the portal.

I must’ve had 100 nightmares before this and not once did I run towards the portal, but this time I did.

As I got closer I started to understand what the voice was saying.

“I can help.”

What? Who?

Help with what?

Finally, I arrived at the portal and inside I saw something. A figure.

It was like a Boopie but felt more evolved. And it talked.

It approached the portal. It looked tired. Weary.

Bior Grandheart

“Hello, my name is Bior Grandheart.”

What kind of name was that? Almost sounded fancy like the Gen 0s.

“OG has disappeared hasn’t it?”

Wha, wha, how…how did Bior know this?

“I could feel it. A long time ago or at least what feels like a long time. I couldn’t tell you if it has been weeks, months, or years but I felt it and ever since I’ve struggled to keep things together here.”

Where was “here“?

“Here doesn’t matter as you will not come here.”


“Because if you come here, then I must go to where you are. An exchange if you will.

I am a Herald and my role is to look for new realms that will be safe for Boopies.

OG visited my planet a long time ago and from OG I was created.”

So you are a Boopie?

“Yes and no. I’m an evolved Boopie, but not a better Boopie.”

So what is this exchange that you talk about?

“Once a Herald has established itself in a realm for a while, the ecosystem begins to revolve around the Herald. If the Herald was to suddenly leave, the ecosystem would fall apart.

So someone or something must take my place to maintain the balance of the ecosystem.”

So you’re saying I’m equal to you?

“Let’s not go that far, but you would suffice.”

You said you can help me?

“Yes, as a Herald I have a stronger bond to OG than any other creature in the Boopieverse. The other Heralds and I are your best shot of finding OG.”


“Indeed. There are others similar to me out there looking over different realms waiting for OG, but I fear with OG gone, they will continue to grow weak much like myself.

I beg you, please try to find me, but remember, an exchange must be made for me to leave here.

With my help, we should be able to find the remaining 8.”