The Story: Day 1

We were off to go find the Boopie Alts.

We figured it would take us a while, but surprisingly, it didn’t take long to come across our first Boopie.

It was definitely different! We’ll have to share the story of this one another time. We still had so much more to do.

We found a couple more and were happy with our first day out Boopie hunting. Okay, hunting is the wrong term to use because we weren’t hunting.

More like picking them up as a designated driver would pick up their friends on a wild night out.

Anyways, we brought them back to base and were ready to celebrate.

But there was a problem. A really big problem.

The Boopies were fading! We didn’t know what was happening, but they were disappearing right before our eyes.

It was as if these Boopie Alts weren’t strong enough to survive without OG Boopie.

This was terrible!

We had to act quickly. So we went back out into the Boopieverse to find more before it was too late.

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