The Story: Day 5


That’s what we all felt at the moment.

Every single time we came across a new group of Boopies there was nothing we could do for them beyond watch them fade into nothing.

Was our chances of finding OG Boopie fading (no pun intended)?

How was this possible? Why was this happening? Was it time to give up our search?

Then we heard something.

You know that beeping noise that radars make in the movies? Yeah, that’s what our radar sounds like as well.

Boooooop. Boooooop. Boooooop.

There were more Boopies!

We checked the radar and what we saw was amazing.

Okay, it’s hard to see, but trust us, this means lots of Boopies.

While the image was faint, we knew in our hearts this meant there were a lot more Boopies to be discovered and thankfully they looked to be close together.

So we set off towards this new cluster in hopes of finally finding some Boopies that could survive.

While our hopes of finding OG Boopie were fading, there was still a small glimmer of hope.

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