The Story: Day 9

The joy of all joys!

We had found a cluster of Boopies, but these weren’t just any Boopie Alts.

They were different.

They seemed evolved.

We could tell they were stronger. They had also seemed to adapt to their environment better.

Some could even camouflage!

We began to capture (errr, pick them up in our designated driver mobile) them as these Boopies had to be the key to finding OG Boopie. They weren’t fading.

So far we had captured 2200 Boopies.

Now it was time to capture the thousands of other Boopies out there that we saw on the radar. We went back to the ship to see where they could be located but something was weird.

We didn’t see any other Boopies on the radar.

We swore there were over 11,000.

But what we were seeing on the radar were 4 distinct shapes.

How was this possible?

We couldn’t be sure what was going on so we sent a team out to investigate. It will take them a while to figure things out.

For now, the rest of us need to take these 2,200 Boopies back to see if they can provide us with some clues to getting OG Boopie back.

The Council Appears >>>>>>>>