The Story: Ghoulie Gang

The search party were still out searching (I mean did you expect them to be doing other things) for Boopies.

There had to be more than the 2,200 that we had found.

Well guess what? I’m going to switch voices and now I’m someone on the search party!

Okay? Here I go in my new voice.

We were tired. We jumped from system to system trying to find more Boopies.

Yes we were following the radar, but the blobs on it remained blobs.

One day we arrived on a planet. At the time I didn’t know the name, but I can tell you that it was kind of creepy.

Not in a Friday the 13th kind of way, but more like the Disney version of that.

Kind of.

I don’t know how to explain it.

Everyone else wanted to leave immediately but my gut told me to stick around. Or maybe it was my own selfishness as I was tired of traveling and felt like I needed a rest.

On our first night there, as we were sleeping, I heard a strange noise.

It sounded like a teddy bear eating an aluminum can.

You might be wondering what that sounds like and all I can tell you is that whatever you are thinking, you are right.

I made the stupid decision of seeing what the noise was and that led me down into this swamp.

Now let me tell you something right now. Nobody in their right mind should walk into a swamp in the middle of the night.

Nothing ever good happens but that’s what I did.

Maybe I was delirious at the time.

As I got closer to the noise I hear some chattering.

“That OG Boopie sure was fun! Wish they could’ve stayed a little bit longer.”

Wait…they knew about OG Boopie! It must be more Boopies!

I tried to run but um, I was in the middle of a swamp.

Ain’t nobody running a swamp.

After 173 minutes…yes I was keeping track…I finally made it to the voices.




These things…

Sup“, one of them said.

Wait, they saw me? I mean I guess so because they were ALL staring at me. At least the ones whose eyes I could see.

Um, hi“, I said back.

Want a can?“, asked the one that looked like it had forks (???????) in its eyes.

Nah, I’m good, but thanks“, I replied.

From there it was a blur. They let me sit down and chat with them, but it felt more like a party.

I just hesitate to call it a party because I just felt…hell, I don’t know.

Anyways, after some time I was able to get a couple of them to settle down and ask them about OG Boopie.

The ghost…yes, ghost…thing smiled wide and started to talk.

“First, you might be wondering what we are. We didn’t used to have a name.

We just existed and we were fine with that.

Then OG Boopie arrived and well, OG being OG needed to call us something.


We weren’t too sure about that name, but OG wasn’t done.

Ghoulie Gang!

Yeah, we liked that. We liked that a lot.

From there OG told us amazing stories about Boopies, but then the stories would always end with sadness as OG talked about being alone.

I always hated that. How could the Boopies leave OG? OG was the greatest!”

From there I had to explain that nobody knows what happened to the other Boopies.

What we did know is that there were other Boopies still out there that we had to find so they could help us find OG Boopie.

Wait, you guys LOST OG Boopie? Last thing OG told us was that it was going back home. What happened?!” screamed this Ghost Ghoulie.

I didn’t have an answer for them.

“Well OG did so much for us it’s time we gave back to it. Count us in!”

Count you in for what?

Guess they wanted to help in finding OG which was cool, but ummm how were they going to help?

I couldn’t figure that out but more eyeballs…did I tell you how ‘different’ their eyes were…was a good thing.

So here I was heading back to camp with the Ghoulie Gang. Our new companions in trying to find the other Boopies on the radar along with OG.

It seems that the party was just getting started…

The story continues shortly…