The Story: N + 2

Every day more and more watchers came to tell me that they lost their Boopies, but the number of Boopies was always the same.

I was seriously losing my mind.

I was going to just call it quits and assume that Boopies had brainwashed me to the point where they controlled what I saw.

But then something happened.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a Boopie, but it was a different color.

When I turned towards it, it was the same color as the rest, but I know what I saw.

Okay, now I knew they were messing with me.

I talked to one of the Watchers and mentioned what I saw figuring they would think I was crazy, but then they said something that surprised me.

Over on the other side of the room was an S.

I don’t know how I missed it but there it was and there was a group of Boopies around the S.

I usually didn’t pay much mind to the different groups of Boopies during the day since that’s just how they behaved.

But now I was beginning to see it was always the same group of Boopies that were around the S.

And the S was on the complete opposite side of the room than the N.

North and South?

Nah, just had to be a coincidence, right?

I figured I had to go to extreme measures and set a trap.

So I did the usual nightly routine and pretended to go to bed. In the middle of the night I went back to where the Boopies where.

I quietly snuck into the room and shined the light into the Southern-facing side.

And there it was.

A different Boopie!

It was just as surprised to see me as I was to see it!

This was definitely a different Boopie, right?

It looked familiar but it was a different color.

I didn’t know what to do so I went back to bed but I didn’t sleep.

How was I going to tell the Watchers about this?

They’d think I was a lunatic. Maybe I was!

When the Watchers arrived I told them what I saw the night before. They all chuckled.

They really are insane…

But then they went to go check on their Boopies and their eyes lit up.

They saw the South ones that I had seen the night before, but they also saw another group.

Gen 1E…

This group of Boopies appeared on the East side of the room.

It was amazing. The Boopies were all showing their true colors now!

But why did they all have the same color when we captured them? What changed?

I can’t lie to you, I was excited.

North. South. East.

And West?

I turned to the West side of the room and nothing was there.

No W. No group of Boopies.


My excitement quickly turned to dread. What did this mean?

These Boopies just didn’t want me to sleep. It was getting late again.

All 2200 Boopies were accounted for. Some had changed. Some had stayed the same.

But they were all there.

Hopefully, I could say the same tomorrow.

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