The Story: N

We did it!

We found watchers for every single Boopie Alt.

I felt like I could finally rest easy.

I should’ve known better.

The night we found the final watcher for a Boopie something strange began to happen.

You see, up until that night all of the Boopies gathered in the same spot. It was as if they were a single unit living in harmony.

It was actually a sight to behold.

But on this night something was different.

A group of Boopies were trying to go in a separate direction. It was as if they didn’t want to be in that spot anymore.

But the other Boopies wouldn’t let them move.

Have you ever heard two cotton balls rubbing together? That’s the horrific sound they made.

But it looked like the group couldn’t be broken.

After a while they settled down and I was able to get some sleep.

The next morning I went to go check on the Boopies. Everything seemed fine.

I mean, they all still looked weird, but they were fine.

However, there was a marking on the floor where the group always gathered.

As I got closer I could clearly read it.


N? What did it mean? And wait, Boopies could write? How? They have no hands?!

I didn’t have time to worry about the writing with no hands thing. I had to figure out why the letter N was there.

I mean, they were acting weird last night. Did the pack of Boopies trying to leave the group get mad because they preferred K or R?

Were they trying to tell me something?

Sigh. I guess I didn’t really need any sleep anyways.

As I started to walk away in deep contemplative thought, one of the watchers came running to me screaming hysterically. Their Boopie was gone!

Nice job, WATCHER. Should call you LOSTER.

In a panic I did a count of all of the Boopies. There were 2200. Awesome!

But they were right.

Their Boopie was gone…

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