While we strive to make the art of the Boopieverse so unique that the only reason you’re keeping it is because you love it, we know there is more to NFTs than that.

So let’s understand the utility of holding a Gen 1 Alt in your wallet.

First, here are the initial (more can always be added) benefits for Boopie Gen 1 holders:

  • Access to the Boopie Private Community (which will transition into the BoopDAO once all details are worked out). 50% of royalties go into the Community Fund for the Community to decide each month on its use.
  • Monthly to bi-monthly airdrops of Boopieverse things.
  • Free airdrops of Future Gen X Boopies. Future Boopie generations are already designed. Don’t worry, these will be done in a way that only enhances the Boopieverse, not dilute it.
  • Whitelist access to special Boopie collabs with artists looking to insert their collections into the Boopieverse.