The Vision

It’s important to understand the vision of a project to truly decide if you want to be a part of it.

Boopies are more than just NFTs. The Boopieverse is a vision of something great that we can’t wait to create with you.

We believe that NFTs can do a great job of telling a story. When you look at an NFT there should be special memories that you can attach to it.

This needs to go beyond the minting of it or how you found a good deal on a marketplace.

Looking at the above Boopie should elicit some type of emotion, but we want you to have a story behind it.

That’s why this Boopie is an alternative personality of the OG Boopie.

It’s part of the OG Boopie but also different.

  • What’s with the nuclear bomb smoke? You decide.
  • What’s with the brick background? You decide.
  • What’s with the eyes? Which things are really the eyes?! You decide.

You create the story of your Boopie but understand that your Boopie plays a larger role in the Boopieverse.

What does that mean?

That’s undecided at the moment. It’s going to be up to you, me, and the thousands of other Boopies out there to see where things go and how we can find the OG Boopie.

Creative Commons (CC0) License

All Boopies fall under the CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain license.


Because the vision of the Boopieverse is bigger than any of us can think of and so there should be no restrictions with what the talented people in this community can do with Boopie and its Alts.

We believe that having this license will expose more people to Boopie than what could be done on our own.

Because we want Boopie to show the world it can be better then the world needs access to Boopie.

So here it is.

The Boopieverse

What is it?

It’s just the universe in which Boopie resides and want everyone to participate in it.

With the Boopie story you know that what you’re holding (hopefully you’re holding one, right) is a Boopie personality. That ones we create are OUR vision of the personality.

We want to work with other artists and projects to see THEIR vision of the personalities.

The Boopieverse isn’t going to be defined by a look, but by a story and feeling.

Over time, your Boopie is going to take many forms and we can’t wait to see what they are.

All of this in the quest to find the OG Boopie again.


First, don’t let our limited imaginations hold you back from seeing what is possible.

But what if @gmoot entered the Boopieverse? Then your Boopies could hold specific items which might make the quest for OG Boopie easier.

Or maybe your Boopie needs a home so we partner with Solsteads to make it happen.

The Boopieverse is about bringing the whole world into the NFT space and make them truly excited for what is possible.

Just the Beginning…

This is simply the beginning of the vision.

We can only take it so far as we need to see what directions the community pushes Boopie, but hopefully you can start to see what is possible.

The Boopie(s) that you hold is just the beginning of something amazing.