Which Boopie Should You Buy?

Thinking about buying a Boopie but you see there are just so many to choose from and don’t know what to do?

Let this guide help you with your decision.

The Boopieverse Citizens

Your Options

Gen 0

Supply: 111

At the moment, you can’t buy a Gen 0 on the secondary market. 

They can only be earned through different events.

There are about 50 remaining.


  • Access to ZeroDAO
  • Able to provide guidance on the direction of Boopieverse
  • Early access to Boopieverse projects
  • Weekly 500 $BOOP Airdrop per Gen 0

Gen 1

Supply: 2200

Gen 1s are at the center of the Boopieverse and provide you the best opportunity to gain access to all things Boopieverse.


  • Access to BoopDAO. 
  • Weekly 75 $BOOP Airdrop per Gen 1
  • Automatic Whitelist to all Boopieverse drops
  • Access to all Member’s Merch
  • Needed to build Booplanets (coming soon)

Gen 1M

Supply: 2200

The first airdropped collection to Gen 1 holders.

These are not yet listed on secondary markets, but you will need one to mint Gen 2 Boopies on their release.


  • Required to mint (free) Gen 2 in March
  • Weekly 50 $BOOP Airdrop per Gen 1M

The Artisans

Supply: 5 

The first collection of Boopies that were purchased via auction.

Overall, there will be 25 main artisans with each main getting a supplemental artisan attached.


  • Access to SanDAO.
  • Weekly 150 $BOOP airdrop per Artisan

The Historians

Supply: 5500

The Lorekeepers of the Boopieverse.


  • Access to reDAO
  • Access to OpusDAO
  • Weekly 25 $BOOP airdrop per Historian
  • Needed to build Boopliotecas (coming soon)